Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

15 myles - 1.56:11

Lory/Sanitas - 7/3
40s, sprinkling, mostly dry trail
mind/body - good
hard effort

Trying to play catch up here after a couple looong days in Wyoming. Ya know, Wyoming is a BIG state with a lot of nothing in it. Sure there are cities but they are so far away from each other. Everyone of us in Colorado could move to Wyoming and have a 50 acre lot and still have room to grow. Next time I'm in Casper I'm certainly going to carve out some time to go exploring the Wind Rivers.... almost drove into the median starring at them to my left.

Got a few runs in along the way. Monday morning on the TM at the Holiday Inn Express in Casper, nice easy 6 myles in 47 minutes. Spent the rest of the day driving to Gillette and then back to Ft Collins. Tuesday morning got out to Lory State Park for a good 10 myles in 1.13. Then in the afternoon I made my way to Boulder and got a loop in at Sanitas before my next appointment. Went up the Sanitas trail in 18:48. Kinda disappointing cause I busted my butt to see what I could do. I felt like I was going sub 18 but maybe next time.
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