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Saturday, May 8, 2010

20.4 myles - 3.03:13

Deer Creek - 7 AM
50s, clear blue skies, dry
mind/body - good/eh.
easy effort

Met up with Geoff again this morning. This being his first trip to Deer Creek so I was more than happy to show him around the beauty of this course. It couldn't have been more perfect this morning! We did pretty much everything up at Deer Creek to include; Bear, Red Cloud (twice), and Golden Eagle. It's hard to gauge the total elevation gain but I would suspect somewhere in the low 5000 range. We kept the pace very honest all while striking up good conversation all the way from Haggis (it might be good but I can't get over what it's made of) to immigration (me being Mexican and he Canadian).

So far this week I've put in 75 myles with 15,800 elevation gain and feel decent. Having said that, I now realize in order to hit 100 I have to run every day and maybe even a two-a-day once or twice. Next week will be interesting as I venture out to Mt Sanitas on Saturday for 12 hours of laps - yikes! Good solid HR training... that's if I get in! The wait list hasn't budged in over a month. Someone has got to be getting scared by now?!?
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