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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

13.2 myles - 1.49:21

Matthews/Winters - 5:30 AM
50s, clear, dry - perfect running weather!
mind/body - clear/strong
easy effort

Met up with Team Gangels and BFish this morning for their regular Wednesday morning jaunt. I say "jaunt" but by the end of the Matthews/Winters loop (54:47) we were pretty much pouring it on, making the legs burn up the hills. We added on Zorro and a 5 mile loop around Green Mountain. The GM loop tacked on the end was more relaxed and conversation pace, which is always good with good company. Thanks for the run guys. Garett G. if you're reading, next Wednesday at 5:30 AM in the Green Mountain/Rooney Rd. parking lot.

After 3 days of ice, massage, and 2 grams of glutamine each day I think the calf is on the mend. No issues to speak of today, even with 2000 ft of climbing.

On another note, I moved up to #9 on the HR list. I think we'll see more movement once the deadline of May 31st is reached for getting all your money back.
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