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Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 myles - 1.03:57

Lone Tree loop - noon
40s, wet/muddy, overcast
mind/body - good
easy effort

I put the calf sleeves back on today but not because of an injury, rather to prevent one. I feel fast with calf sleeves on, anyone else feel that way? Only 7:07s today but primarily due to the mud caking up on my feet making 10 lb weights. 8 runs in the last 7 days gives me 90 for that time span (previous 7 days was 95). So I'm hovering around 100 and remarkably still feel fresh everyday. Hopefully with my big run on Saturday I can get to triple digits... if not it's no big deal. The bigger deal is time on my feet with lots of vertical.

On another note, I'm looking for a new watch. One that will be the most accurate for distance and elevation gain. Friends go ahead and get geeky on me to offer up some suggestions or opinions. I know Christian will have some input since he plays with this stuff all day (or at least used to). Price is no object cause I'm a multi-millionaire and my wife loves for me to spend money on this kind of stuff... HA and HA!

Updated the link on the Pearl Izumi logo to go to the new Facebook page. Check it out. It lists all the athletes on the run and new tri team with a little bio.
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