Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Monday, May 24, 2010

7 myles - 1.10:14

Green Mountain - noon thirty
60s, windy, dry
mind/body - strong
Hard effort

My second time up Green (amp/saddle/greenman) in my own individual time trial. And NO this was not an organized race (just in case any spy is reading). phfffttt... I was a little nervous to even try this today because I knew I wanted to post a good time and see how I compared to the heads of state (realizing their unofficial TT was in a sloppy mess to slow things up).

This time I knew where to start my watch so I made a 5 minute jog over to the Gregory TH from Chautauqua, started the watch and began the uphill slog. I've seen other reports of people taking splits but I have no idea where those are so I only have a time to the top - 32:57. And that hurt! Maybe with a little more practice I could shave off 20 or 30 seconds but that's about it. I was pretty cooked once I touched the pole - you know the lungs searing, feeling like you have blood in your mouth - kind of cooked. The trail was completely snow free, nearly all dry, and very few people to dodge. All I could think about on my way up is Tony going up this 4 times in a row!
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