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Monday, May 3, 2010

16 myles - 2.15:15

7/2:30 - Lone Tree/Green in Boulder
60s, partly cloudy, dry
mind/body - good
easy effort

Two runs today, not planned, but I couldn't help it being up in Boulder for work. I ran my home course (9 myles) this morning at 7 AM with a 6:57 pace, then again at 2 PM up Green Mountain in Boulder. I've been reading about this guy incessantly going up Green Mtn. over the past 4 months so I had to check it out for myself (tried before with Josh and Nick but too much bullet proof ice). I didn't know his exact route so I made my own; Chautauqua TH, Amphitheatre, Saddle Rock, Greenman - 38:27 to the top. Got home and checked out his blog to find out what route he has been for the past 132 times; Gregory Canyon, Ranger, Greenman - something like that. I came down Ranger/Gregory and liked it much better. I'm guessing about 2800 feet of climbing and route trip of about 7 myles.
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