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Sunday, April 11, 2010

8 myles - 1.04:45

Coyote Ridge - 8:00 A.M.
40s, clear, dry
mind/body - better but still coughing
easy effort

Well... I didn't feel as bad today as the past week so I assume this gunk is on it's way out. To my surprise this morning my legs were a little stiff from all the up and down yesterday. Not that it was a lot but it's more than I'm used to. Got out this morning with my brother in law Wade who was in town visiting. We did a nice, easy, modified loop on my normal home route. I think Wade enjoyed himself, thanks for joining me brother. Since I have not done any quality stuff all week I decided to turn it up a notch for the final mile - 6:27 and breathing easy.

With only 52 myles this week, certainly not what I was looking for in prep for ZG but I'm happy to make it through this gombu. Next week will have to be a lot of fine tuning by getting some leg turn over and interval work uphill.
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