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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 myles - 2.03:54

Mt. Falcon v1.0 - nooner
50s, blue bird day, some snow
mind/body - mostly good
Hard effort

NOW I can say HR training has officially started. "Officially" cause I made my first appearance at Falcon today. I really had no expectations to go under 2 hours because a) I'm coming off a cold and b) there are still snow drifts on the North sides of the trail. Although I will tell you I was pleasantly surprised after I compared splits from last year, I was within a minute and 1/2 from last year's times at the end of Parmalee before the snow started. I think I may go back to Falcon on Saturday for good measure. Here are my splits for those who know Falcon:

End Turkey Trot up - 17:40
Shelter - 29:51
Start Parmalee - 51:01
End Parmalee - 1.09:58
End Old Ute - 1.36:02
Start Turkey Trot down - 1.50:18
Bench - 2.03:54 (last year's fastest times 1.58:55, 1.58:01)

If you're looking to get to Falcon and try a proper full loop v1.0 here is my course: Up Turkey Trot, take a right onto Castle Trail to the shelter, take a right at the shelter out/back Walkers Dream, bypass the shelter and out/back Two Dog, take Castle trail to the top, take a left to start Parmalee, at the end of Parmalee take a left on Tower Trail to the top of Mt Falcon, down the other side on Meadow trail, loop Old Ute and Devil's Elbow, when you pop out you will cut across the Meadow trail to hook back up with the Castle trail where you will take a right to go down, no Two Dog or Walkers Dream on the way down, just straight down Castle trail, left on Turkey Trot, finish at the bench. Got that!?!?

Don't know what that line is jetting out at the start/finish??

Here's a fuzzy picture as well
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