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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick update

It's been over a week since I've put anything up so I'll give a quick update:

I spent the week in The SLC on business and while in town I was able to get on 5 runs for a grand total of 26 myles. I'm OK with that.
  • Sunday - Bonneville Shoreline Trail where the Wasatch starts and went out to the Great Western Trail, solid hour.
  • Monday - hooked with Christian Johnson above Red Butte Garden for an hour and the highlight of that trip was seeing a Bobcat - pretty cool. Christian showed me his home course and later treated me to din-din - Thanks Christian!
  • Tuesday - ran the streets of The SLC early in search of coffee. Only was out 1/2 hour and came back empty handed. Before I left town though, I went back to Jack Mormon coffee in search of the celestial bean. I may have just had the best cup-o-coffee EVER! Beans are roasted on site by the pound and a cup is brewed as you order.
  • Thursday - up on the Bonneville Shoreline trail starting on the Wasatch course. Went for an hour and loving every minute of it
  • Saturday - A nice fast 6 mile spin on my old home-road course. Still slow at 41:03 but I'm getting "it" back.
The Giardia is gone - thank you very much! Shins are starting to come around, not as quick as I'd like but I have to be cautious. When I stay flat I don't feel them at all but when I go vertical (or somewhat vertical) I feel them coming down. I haven't shut it down for the year just yet. I'm hopeful for a late November or early December 50.

And last, Congrats to my friend Tim Hola for finishing the Iron Man Hawaii yesterday in a time of 9.17! Not his fastest (8.58) but this is something like his 12th finish. Nice job Tim once again!
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