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Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Extra' proud father here today!

Jaxon competed in his first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament today - the 4th annual U.S. National Cup in Arvada, CO. He was nervous all last night and all morning long. But I told him that being nervous is good, it's the same as being excited to compete and wanting to do well. I told him whatever the outcome - I was proud!

Instructors - Mike Nickels and Nobu giving final instructions

As the tournament began he was being shuffled around between groups based on weight and skill level. He finally got placed in a group with two green belts and one blue belt. Jaxon is currently a 3 strip yellow belt, which is just above white belt and below green and blue. Mike told Jaxon not to worry about it because the belt is just a color and that he should rely on his Jiu-Jitsu. Jaxon smiled and was confidently ready to go!

Jaxon in his first match

Here's the score - Jaxon won big time!

Now it was time for his second match, his confidence was high but he was going against a kid that also won his first match big time.

Jaxon get's the first points with a take down

Each match is 3 minutes long so Jaxon was instructed to get take downs, mounts, and possible submissions quickly. As he was going for the submission in this match, winning 2-0 and only 30 seconds to go, his opponent did a complete sweep and full mount on Jaxon and won 4-2. Jaxon is now 1-1 and must win his next to take second place.

Jaxon on top in his second place match

Jaxon had the full mount 3 times and was winning big time when he slipped in an Anaconda and won by submission! 2nd PLACE in his first ever tournament! He was so excited! Man, I am so damn proud of him!

Jaxon Jaime - 2nd place U.S. National Cup - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament

Jaxon and his instructor Big Mike Nickels

As we were leaving Mike said to me "Jaxon is such a good kid, you are lucky to have a kid so special" - I agree Mike. We are lucky to have Jaxon in our lives. CONGRATULATIONS JAXON!

If Mike Nickels looks familiar then you must have watched the Ultimate Fighter season 3 - he lost in the semi-final round. Mike is currently fighting an MMA circuit that feeds the UFC. Mike just won a fight up in Canada two weeks ago - check it out on youtube. You'll see him again in the UFC. We are lucky to have him as an instructor for Jaxon.

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