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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

7 myles - 50:11

Lone Tree loop - 8:00 A.M.
The nice weather has left - 50s and wind
mind/body - good
Hard effort

That's right -hard- effort! Not for the whole thing, just for the middle 5K. Second time I did the Fast Eddy 5K - 18:28 with 300 ft elevation gain on single track. About a minute faster than last week and little bit of a stronger push today. This was my final test to see if I wanted to participate and CRUSH Brownie in the Manitou 5K on Saturday. I'm probably at 17:40 pace for a flat 5K right now and I think that's a little fast for Brownie so I've elected NOT to demoralize him. Maybe when I'm 60 brownie.... If you hit one mile in 5:45 I'll buy you a beer on Saturday and maybe bring you a little prize from Smith Optics (Thanks Aric!)
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