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Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 myles - 50:06

Treadmill at Rec center - 9:00 A.M.
50s and wind outside
mind/body - feeling kinda normal
easy effort

Finally! Starting to feel normal on a run. And at this point I'll take anything I can get. Not only am I dealing with chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) and giadiasis, but I have a common cold as well. Guess you can say the trail beat me up pretty good.

This was my 3rd run since coming off the CT, the two other runs were 5 myles each and completely miserable. Today I felt decent with an 8:21 pace, being mindful of the still injured shins. The doc told me to take 6 weeks off because even though I may not feel pain, I'm still in danger of more damage. She did say I could do the occasional easy run of up to 1/2 hour just to keep the blood moving but riding the bike and swimming were better options. I think I will incorporate the bike and pool just like I did last year while letting the body rest.

To this point in the year I have run 2694 myles. So with 3 months to go I will, for sure, hit the 3K mark for the first time. This year I also ran a high for a week and month with 303 and 504 respectively.

Time to start making plans for next year...
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