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Monday, October 12, 2009

8 myles - 57:03

Coyote Ridge trail - noon
mid 60s, dry, no wind
mind/body - eager/sluggish
easy effort

Nice easy run with a 7:08 pace. I'm trying not to get into a routine but I just can't help myself - I'm an addict! My days go so much better and I feel much better after a run. The consequence is doing too much to push me back into injury.

It's been a long year for me with training really starting last November for Rocky Raccoon. Having said that I will keep my myles to less than 40 for the month of October and see what the first week of November brings. I really wanna do another race before the end of the year because my work really starts to get busy in January so training might be limited. I'll let my body tell me if it's gonna happen it's tough being 40!

Just reminiscing... Kokomo pass
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