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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

8.5 myles - 58:20

HR urban trails
50s, little wind, dry
mind/body - coming around
easy effort

Slightly faster than yesterday; 6:52 pace today. And what makes me happy is that I was anxious to go faster. "IT" is coming back. The reason I know this is because I started to formulate a plan for next year. This year I think I showed my versatility by placing high in all my races from 50K to 100 myles and even taking on a 500 mile beast. What I'm thinking for next year is to show even more versatility first by setting my marathon PR and 50K PR in the same race and then doing something with Dave Horton... I hate to think what ol Horty has in mind but he mentioned it to me so its his plan. Anyways that's what I'm thinking and well see what happens in between.

On another note, Pearl Izumi-Smith is taking applications for the 2010 team. Go here for more details. So far, I like what I'm hearing as far as plans for the team (i.e. athlete summit with all the sponsors sometime in February at PI.) Hope I make the team.
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