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Sunday, November 30, 2008

11 myles - 1.34:13

HR east/west loop - 11 a.m.
6 inches fresh snow, snowing, high 20s
mind/body - good
medium effort

Ahhhh - something about fresh snow on the trail! Much harder work breaking trail but certainly more peaceful. About an hour and a 1/2 worth of high knees to get ready for the Turquoise Lake 20 mile snowshoe run in January, although no snowshoes. I intended staying out longer but I knew my son was waiting at home to go sledding so headed home content with an hour and 1/2 workout. Gives me a total mileage of 68 for the week, 265 for the month, and 2646 for the year. Pretty good considering it's the first month back training and I've only averaged about 250/month for 2008. Might as well go for 3000 for the year...
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