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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

20 myles - 2.24:12

HR urban foothill trails - 9:00 a.m.
clear, dry, mid 60s
mind/body - good
medium effort

Had to get a big run in today in anticipation of the big meal tomorrow! I always feel much better pigging out when I've worked for it and besides it was a real nice day today.

I tried something relatively new the last couple of days: 2 workouts spread out by only 12 hours. I got this idea from PI/Smith team mate Paul DeWitt. When Paul is getting ready for a hundred he will do 4 runs, 2 hours in length each time within 36 hours. I did a very scaled down version yesterday and today by doing 1.15 (10 myles) last night and ~2.5 (20 myles) this morning. I like the concept of running on tired legs, not to mention a tired mind. Bring on the Turkey... and ham... and stuffing... and candied yams.... and pumpkin pie.... and mashers... and lots of rolls - did I leave anything out? We are headed down to the Brown Palace and I guarantee I will eat my moneys worth!

On a totally different note, I got a strange phone call the other night. A girl by the name of Amy Martinez called saying that she works for the Discovery channel and wanted to follow me around for a week with a camera... she said my story was very interesting?? I asked her "what story" and her reply "we think it would be interesting to follow around a former cop who was hooked on meth and came clean!" WHAT!?!?! I told her she had the wrong guy and that was that. I thought for sure I'd been a victim of identity theft but check out THIS story. Thank goodness for middle names...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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