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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gettin caught up on a couple runs

Looks like ol' man winter has rolled into town - nice little snow storm over the last couple of days. In reality I don't mind at all. In the winter it's always cold to start but after about 1/2 hour the body really starts to warm up. I've learned over the years how much clothing is too much clothing and I always seem to gauge my clothing vs. what I wore during Hard Rock. Last year it dipped into the mid 20s; sloggin' through snow and ice cold rivers in the middle of the night and I had shorts on. Don't get me wrong, I was cold but I didn't freeze to death. Having said that, during training I never wear pants unless it's zero and the wind is blowing and I rarely leave the house with a jacket on.

The last two days have been the typical gettin' in the myles runs: yesterday 12 myles in 1.23:33 for an average of 6:58, today 10 myles in 1.13:07 for an average of 7:19. Tomorrow I'm going on an adventure with this guy. We are riding our Mtn. bikes from his house to the start of the Colorado Trail (~30 myles) and then ditching our bikes and running to the Platte River and back (~21 myles). We did an adventure race a couple years back and really enjoyed it and are thinking about another one in 09 - we'll see if time allows us to fit it in.
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