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Friday, November 21, 2008

9 myles - 1.00:54

Lone Tree Loop - noon
mild, high 50s, dry trail
mind/body - just gettin' out the door
medium effort

I intended this to be an easier run but as I got over to the 2.7 mile loop there was a guy ahead of me that looked like he was going at a pretty good clip. The competitor got the better of me as I kept watching him look back and then look at his watch, for some reason I knew he knew it was on. It's always good to do a temp check and I guess that's what this was. He looked the part; slender, short shorts, some race shirt - you know what I mean.

I was getting closer and knew I'd make the catch but was he toying with me? The longer it took me - the harder I pushed. I finally passed on a hill in which he had stopped to play with his IPod - hmmm was he really playing with his IPod or just letting me get in front so he could chase? Well now in front I pushed even harder and never saw the guy again. The games we lonely runners play for entertainment...

I ended up with 2 loops: 17:35/6:30, 17:24/6:24. And this is no flat loop, it's got about 350 ft of elevation gain/loop so I feel pretty good about these times. This is the same loop course that I have done 10 loops to get ready for WTC last year - 10 loops (27 myles) in 3.24:07. Rest assured I'll be back at in February to see if I can beat my ghost...
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