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Thursday, November 20, 2008

16 myles - 1.51:38

Daniels Park - 11:30 a.m.
mid 30s, frosty, fog
mind/body - eager
medium effort

Sho ded fee-yal maadeh fein!

Must be in the air - crisp, clean, foggy, rocky mountain high, Colorado air that is. I stuck with my theme of getting fast legs at the end, kind of been my speed work the last couple of weeks. Since I fade in races I've been going LT (or close to) the last couple myles of my longer runs - maybe it'll make me tougher in the mind too. Today I did the last 3 in 19:17 (6:31, 6:24, 6:22). The point was NOT to get to LT but see what pace I felt comfortable without going into the red. When I was thinking about this during the run I thought I would be about 6:30s so I was pretty close. My hope is to build up to a 30 mile training run with the last 5 sub 6:20 going into WTC in March of 09.

And just for the record I ran yesterday 10 myles (1.10:07) in 70 degree weather. From 70 to 30 in a day: They say if you don't like the weather in Colorado - just wait a day. Very true.
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