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Monday, February 4, 2008

Jan 28 - Feb 3 2008

  1. Mon - off
  2. Tues - 15 myles
  3. Wed - 16 myles
  4. Thu - 12 myles
  5. Fri - off
  6. Sat - off
  7. Sun - 14 myles
  8. Total - 57 myles
Pic of the week - me finishing my favorite race

It's been a long strange week. First the injury bug bit me, forcing me to take off additional days off, then adding insult to injury I was bitten by the Wasatch rejection bug. But THEN yesterday I won a spot in my favorite race - Hard Rock 100! Of all of these things Hard Rock is the one I wanted the most! Obviously no one wants injury but I've done Wasatch several times and was contemplating not even sending my application in.... in fact, my wife was more upset that I didn't get into Wasatch than I was. I consider Wasatch my home course so I almost feel obligated to apply but having said that I can really concentrate on other races that I've wanted to do during that time. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Getting into Hard Rock was bitter sweet for me. My heart started racing when I saw the list was up and then to make matter worse I don't even look for my name first, I look for my good friend Brian Fisher. I found him at #38 on the wait list - the worst possible place to be! Last year I was #33 on the wait list and didn't even know if I was in until the day before the race - THE most stressful time of my life! Each year between 30 and 40 get in off the wait list so that means Brian is right on the cusp. Brian, last year James Varner was #38 on the wait list and he was the last one accepted so there's still hope. If all else fails then you can do the Hard Rock 100K as my pacer.

All that said you can see why it's been a long strange week. Moving forward, I hope the next 3 days off will allow my left calf to heal then jump back in the saddle with 40 myles next week. I'm off to Carlsbad, CA.
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