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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 18-24 2008

  1. Mon - off
  2. Tues - 10 myles
  3. Wed - 13 myles
  4. Thurs - 12 myles
  5. Fri - 8 myles
  6. Sat - off
  7. Sun - 22 myles
  8. Total - 65 myles
Pic of the week - My family in Moab

I couldn't have asked for a better week following a successful race. I made it through the race without incident but all runners know that most injuries creep up a couple days after the event - no such thing here. This week had everything: easy efforts, hill repeats, medium efforts, and hard efforts. The hard effort came today when I mixed distance with hills and speed, great way to end the week to boost my confidence.

Speaking of confidence, I'm gonna need every bit going into Way Too Cool on March 8th. I just looked at the entrant list, can you "STACKED!" I counted 15 names that I recognize that have way more leg speed than me, 7 of which have a marathon PR below 2.30! I know it's not a marathon and a lot can happen in the last 5 myles over trails but I have every right to be intimidated when my marathon PR is 2.50. Needless to say, I'm gonna run my own race and look to get into the 3.40 range. That would be a huge success for me regardless of my place. Next week I'll list who I think will be the top 10 at Way Too Cool.

Next week will be another important week for me. I plan to go to the track, Sanctuary hill, and a shorter tempo run. I need to prepare next week as if I were running a fast road marathon if I want to be in the 3.40 range. I will continue on my diet to get to a ready race weight of 158.

And as so many times before I'll end with a quote from Coach K: Success doesn't come from wanting to win, success comes from preparing to win.
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