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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 4-10 2008

  1. Mon off
  2. Tues off
  3. Wed off
  4. Thurs 10 myles
  5. Fri off
  6. Sat 12 myles
  7. Sun 12 myles
  8. Total 34 myles
Pic of the week - Mom and Myles for the first time

Not much to report this week other than the fact that I didn't run very much. A week before a race I like to hit 40 myles and have a little speed work in. Considering my left calf injury I actually ended the week better than anticipated. To be completely honest with myself, up until two weeks ago my training was going so good that I actually thought I had a chance to be in the top 3 for Red Hot 50K.... not now. With the field stacked and my last two weeks in shambles I'm looking to hit the 5 hour mark, based on last years times. Everything happens for a reason and maybe the reason here is because this was to be a training run in preparation for Way Too Cool..... and so that's what it'll be, a training run in the desert with some friends. My predictions for the race looks like this: Kyle Skaggs, Ian Torrence, Karl Meltzer, Johannes Rudolf, Eric Storheim. If Anton Krupicka runs then he will take second and that's a big "if" because of his injury.

Next week I have another meeting, this time in Tuscan, AZ. I just hope that we are staying in a place next to the hills and desert. If so, that will be perfect training preparation for Red Hot. I hope to get out tomorrow for 6 myles and then 6 more on Wednesday. If the calf feels up to it then I'll do some hill work. Adios mi amigos!
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