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Thursday, February 28, 2008

8 myles - (6 - 44:55)

Sanctuary hill - 3:30 p.m.
clear, upper 50's, slight wind
mind/body - motivated/no aches
hard effort

As I was doing my workout today I came to the conclusion that I train harder and more specifically for Way Too Cool than any other race all year. Even though I run much tougher and longer races, WTC is the one I invest the most time with. I guess because it's a premier national 50K and it's the first time I get a chance to see who's gonna be fast this year in later races... not to mention that I have fallen apart the last 5 myles for the last two years makes me want it even more.

Today I didn't feel that fast but my times say otherwise. I kept all 5 reps up the Sanctuary hill under 1:10!

My splits were:
  1. 1:08:74
  2. 1:09:60
  3. 1:06:90
  4. 1:08:20
  5. 1:06:23 (fastest time ever)
I guess the lactate threshold workout I did on Tuesday really did help my leg turnover. I'll try not to obsess over WTC anymore but I will have to put a list of the top runners before next week.
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