Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Friday, February 22, 2008

8 myles - 58:37

Daniels Park out/back - noon
upper 50's, clear, dry roads
mind/body - motivated/responsive
very easy effort

Very casual pace today. I think that's what I needed. I wanted to go faster because I felt so good but I know I need to stick to the plan. The plan is to mix up the days with LT, tempo, medium, and easy runs. I'm going to run 20 + myles either tomorrow or Sunday depending upon the weather to give me a total of 64 myles for the week.

On anther note, I've been helping my good friend Aric Manning with his diet and thought this would be a good time to review my own diet. I think I could stand to lose about 7 lbs to get to my optimal weight. I've resorted to not eating anything fried, no cheese, limited bread, and no sat. fat. My portion sizes are smaller and I have reduced my caloric intake to 2000 calories per day. My treat will be after Way Too Cool where it's been my tradition to pig out at In-n-Out burger. Mmmmm I can smell it now.... I think I'll go have a bowl of puffed rice.
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