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Thursday, February 21, 2008

12 myles - 1.27:15

Santa Fe trail - 1:00 p.m.
slight overcast, upper 30's, South wind
mind/body - good/no soreness
medium effort

Worked in Colorado Springs today so I went to an old trail that I've trained on in the past. In total it spans 14 myles paralleling I-25. I'm not sure the history of the trail but it's a well maintained dirt path that is clear of any snow. Initially I was going to run a loop at Greenland but driving past it looked pretty soupy. I started my run at the Air Force Academy North entrance and ran North towards Palmer lake. It's all up hill and a with a mild South wind I had to work a little harder to maintain a 7:15 pace. My splits were 44:30/42:44 which averages out to just over 7 minutes per mile with the distance of just over 12 myles. Relatively no stiffness left in my legs but having only a Powerbar for lunch I felt the lack of calories towards the end of the run.

Oh I almost forgot, I wore a new pair of shoes today - the Pearl Izumi Peak XC. They are a really light trail racing flat that Bob Africa sent to me. Bob is Darcy Africa's husband whom is the merchandising manager for Pearl Izumi. We ran together at Red Hot 50K for awhile and talked afterwards - nice guy! He helped design the Peak XC and wants to get some feedback. They worked out great today! Albeit the trail was smooth but my foot fits perfect and it's got a nice roll to it. I'll wear them during Way Too Cool and see how they work out for 50K.
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