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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Running again

Quick recap of 2007:

After a long hiatus from running (2 month to be exact), I feel like I am finally back! 2007 has been a loooong year! My racing started in January and continued every month through September. Here is what it looked like:

January Calico 50K
February Pemberton 50K
March Way Too Cool 50K
April nothing
May Jemez 50 mile
June San Juan Solstice 50 mile
July Hard Rock 100 mile
August Highline trail - Uintas 80 miles
September Wasatch 100

In reality, my season never ended from 2006 as I ran Sunmart 50 mile in December of '06. Looking back at my schedule I knew I needed a break or something in me would break. Sure enough after my 80 mile Uinta trip I experienced severe Achilles pain in my left Achilles. I thought a couple of weeks might heal it but I took 3 weeks off leading to Wasatch, ran Wasatch, and two weeks later started cyclocross racing. Dumb move on my part because cyclocross involves getting off your bike, running over barriers, and jumping back on. Needless to say I wasn't doing my Achilles any good.

I stopped riding the bike the second week of November after I crashed pretty hard and decided that two weeks of doing absolutely nothing was needed. Fast forward to today, third day straight of running no more than 5 miles per day at an easy effort with relatively no pain.

Monday December 10th 5 miles Monarch trail
Tuesday December 11th 5 miles Monarch trail
Wednesday December 12th 4 miles Griggs

There is no looking back now. My race plans are shaping up rapidly for 2008:

March Way Too Cool 50K
April American River 50 mile
May Jemez 50 mile
June San Juan Solstice 50 mile
July Hard Rock 100 mile, Mountain R.A.T.S. stage race
August Leadville 100 mile
September Wasatch 100 mile
October White Rim trail

I will keep this blog updated for my sole purpose of logging my training days and races. I have used log books in the past but feel this might be easier to keep up to date.
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