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Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 24-30 2007

  • Monday 10 myles
  • Tuesday 8 myles
  • Wednesday 11 myles
  • Thursday 5 myles
  • Friday off
  • Saturday 16 myles
  • Sunday off
  • Total 50 myles
Pic of the week - Jaxon and Myles Xmas morning

Obviously the highlight of the week was Myles first Christmas and Jaxon's sheer joy! Not to be out done by Jaxon running his first 5 k. He ran 32 laps at the gym all by himself!! (40 minutes)

Christmas morning brought a huge snow storm that dumped a good 8 inches of snow on the ground. As my father-in-law cooked breakfast I knew I had to run despite the horizontal snow 'cause I was about to pig out! Turned out to be an epic run! In fact, all week was snow storm after snow storm. I increased my mileage, even going snowshoeing on Wednesday for 2 and 1/2 hours. I feel very positive about the effort this week and think I took a huge step towards overall body health. I'm no longer concerned about my Achilles, which is a huge confidence builder. I can now focus on speed and a little bit more mileage. The week ended with a 16 mile run that I feel very good about, finished strong and recovered quick. I thought I might struggle the last few myles but my body and mind seemed to get stronger. I will take the watch next week and see if I can run not for the watch but run on feel. My hope is that I feel good and my splits are encouraging. Only time will tell....
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