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Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 17-23 2007

  • Monday 4 myles
  • Tuesday 7 myles
  • Wednesday 8 myles
  • Thursday off
  • Friday 8 myles
  • Saturday 13+ myles
  • Sunday off
  • Total 40 myles
Pic of the week - The REAL Myles

Another solid week! With all the snow on the trails, it made for time on my feet longer than a normal 40 myle week but that's O.K. The most important thing (as far as running goes) is that my Achilles is strong. Obviously, the overall most important thing is the thing that powers my life - my family. They ARE my gel packs. They ARE my carbs. They ARE the magic potion. Without them I am nothing. Without them running is nothing. With them running is inspiring.

Going into next week, I am tempted to take a watch. Not for overall time but just a time check without pushing the pace. This will enable me to check my progress, good or bad. A few times this week I pushed the pace and my body responded well but as I've said before, "I am a prisoner to the watch"

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