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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

11 myles - snowshoes

East-West trail/HR loop - 10:00 a.m.
15 degrees, clear, 10 inches of new snow
body felt strong
Achilles stressed a bit
easy effort

After a big snow storm on a clear day like this, if you wanna run two things are required: sunglasses and snowshoes. I wore Smith Frontline glasses and Tubbs Catalyst snowshoes. I bought the snowshoes last year for $250 so I'm gonna get $250 usage outta them, they worked perfectly. My good friend Aric Manning supplies me with Smith sunglasses so today I started digging through my "sunglass" drawer and pulled out the Frontline. I had forgotten how comfortable these frames are. With the rose lense and the frame-less bottom I could see perfectly with no fogging issues.

I didn't leave the house till 10 a.m. so I thought for sure the trail would be tracked up but to my surprise not a soul had been out. What normally takes about an hour and 15 minutes took me 2 and half hours - double the time, double the work. Like I said before, not much of a chance to work on leg turnover but I took a page from my friend Tim Hola's book. He introduced me to what he calls "Power 50's". I think he would use those during swimming workouts but they work like a charm with snowshoes as well. Power 50's are nothing more than a sprint for 50 steps, preferably up a hill. That'll help with the leg turnover, not to mention the 'ol lungs.
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