Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Monday, December 31, 2007

11 myles - 1.38:52

East-West/HR loop - noon
20 degrees, strong Southeast wind
crusty wind blown snow, clear
felt strong
no Achilles pain
easy effort

Goodbye 2007! Hello 2008! Fresh legs and a fresh mind for a brand new year!

The snow on the trail was terrible because of the wind, post holing a bunch on the trail. Needless to say it was slow and go for most of the time. Even though I kept time for this run, I'm not gonna worry about it because of the conditions. Although I am really happy to see I spent over an hour and a half on my feet and felt great in the end. The HR loop will now be closed for January and February as the elk and deer bed down for the winter. So for January and February most of my runs will be out/back to Daniels park.
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