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Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 10-16 2007

  • Monday 4 miles Griggs easy
  • Tuesday 5 miles East-West easy
  • Wednesday 5 miles East-West easy
  • Thursday 6 miles Lone Tree loop easy
  • Friday Off
  • Saturday Off
  • Sunday 11 miles East-West/HR loop easy
Total 31 miles easy

Very first week back! Did not take my watch all week and will continue to do so until 2008. Lots of snow and cold weather this week so my movement was a little exaggerated. Exaggerated movement is good at this point because at the end of week 1 my Achilles still feels strong. In fact, I never feel my Achilles during the run it's usually at night or early in the morning. I'm also doing some modified Yoga everyday. This includes very slow push ups, different types of sits ups, and very slow squats on my toes. Hopefully this will strengthen my core and prepare my body for the beating in 2008.
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