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Monday, January 12, 2009

8 myles - 1.14:07

Treadmill - 3:00 P.M.
bunch of new snow, cold, windy
mind/body - positive/not sore
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 60+ minutes - easy/steady pace

Actual workout: 8 myles 1.14:07 - 9:15 avg. - more of an easy pace. Walked the first mile @ 4 MPH

Surprisingly, I was not sore - stiff - but not sore. I just thought I'd get on the treadmill to give the legs a spin. Just walked the first mile at a pretty quick pace then bumped up to 7 MPH for the majority of the time. I'll take tomorrow off and then jump into more speed work.

On another note, the Pearl Izumi-Smith team website/blog is taking form. Rather than posting my sporadic nutrition posts on my training blog I thought it would be best suited over there. Starting next week when the site is fully operational you'll see the first of, hopefully, monthly posts on nutrition tips for training and racing as well as facts about proper nutrition in general.
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