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Friday, January 23, 2009

22 myles - 2.35:38

Chatfield/Highline - noon
20s, South wind, partly muddy trail
mind/body - strong/hammy tight
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 3 hours total: 45 minutes @ 6:15 pace; hour and 1/2 easy pace; finish with 45 minutes @ 6:15 pace

Actual workout: 22 myles 2.35:38 avg. 7:04: 45 minutes (7 myles) @ 6:25 pace; 15 minutes (2 myles) @ 7:30 pace; 40 minutes (6 myles) @ 6:25 pace; cool down 55:20 (7 myles) @ 7:54 pace.

Did you get all that? I basically did a modified workout of what was prescribed since the hammy isn't 100%. First, I was running on a sandy/muddy trail so the 6:25 initially was about a 6:15 effort on the road. I'll admit the hammy was starting to get tight so I was happy to slow down. Rather than waiting to do the the second 45 minutes at the end I decided to only give myself 15 minutes because I didn't think the hammy would hold up for speed work in the end. I came around the 15 mile loop in 1.40 for an average of 6:40 so I'm happy with that. I ended with a 7 mile modified loop trying to hit an 8 min. pace - pretty close with 7:54.

This was a very important workout for me because in my mind this run was a go/no run for RR. So I'm happy to report RR is a go! The cool down is what clinched it for me because I didn't feel it at all at the slower pace. Although, I don't think my hammy can handle much more speed work before RR. Tomorrow I'll go out for another 2 and 1/2 hour slower run to close the week out. I feel very good (despite the hammy) going into RR.
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