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Monday, January 26, 2009

7 myles - 54:27

Treadmill - 3:00 P.M.
7 degrees outside, snowy, windy
mind/body - good
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: Warm up/cool down with 15 minutes 6:40 pace @ 4%

Actual workout: 54:27 7 myles - avg. 7:46. 20 minute warm up @ 7.5 MPH, 15 minutes 4% @ 8.7 MPH, 20 minute cool down @ 7.2 MPH.

Doesn't matter how short this workout gets - it's just tough! This week is full of half workouts to keep the quality up. Last time I did this workout I only hit 8.6 MPH so up 0.1 to 8.7 MPH this time, which turns out to be 6:53 pace. Not quite the prescribed but believe me at about 10 minutes I hit LT and barely hung on. I think it's a mental thing constantly looking at the time and so I would much rather do intervals all day @ 5:45 pace than this. The last 20 minutes were just meant to be at RR race pace to cool down. Hammy held up pretty good - went to PT this morning and started some eccentric stretching to build strength. Should be good to go!
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