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Sunday, June 29, 2008

16 myles - 3.49:25

Gray's/Torrey's - 6:30 a.m.
clear, crisp, 40's to start
mind/body - better today
No HR today

Actually Gray's/Torrey's/Gray's. Gray's and Torrey's are two 14ers that are just a mile apart, separated only by a saddle 700ft below. I got to the top of Gray's from I-70 in 1.47 (1.42 and 1.44 the other two times). The difference this time is that my perceived effort was much less than those other two times. Maybe climbing more efficiently now???

Last year I did this route with B Fish and decided to do it again because it teaches me to switch from climbing to descending 6 times - exactly what is needed to for Hard Rock. A total of 6000ft of vertical, combined with yesterday (7800ft) that gives me a total of almost 14,000ft of elevation gain for the weekend.

I think I'm hiking better this year than last and I seem to be climbing better overall. Not much more I can do now besides preview the course over the next week. The work is done! More to come in the week review.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gettin caught up

As soon as I got home from Desert RATS, I headed to another desert (Phoenix) for a business meeting. Even though we were inside all day I went out on breaks to test the heat - 110 degrees. People from the meeting were running around like vampires being burned by the sun. I, on the other hand, spent all my breaks outside because I was "acclimated"! I guess it takes a good week of baking in the 100 degree heat for it not to bother.

In a nutshell here is how my week has gone running wise:

  • Wednesday 6 myles 50:07 - Phoenix
  • Friday 12 myles 1.26:34 - Daniels Park
  • Saturday 25 myles 5.25:57 - Pikes Peak
All runs were O.K. but I feel a little sluggish... hmmm imagine that?? Although I felt like I had no choice but to jump right back into the swing of things because I need to put my hiking legs on - Hard Rock is less than 2 weeks away! Today on my hike/run I made a very concerted effort to run the flats/downs and hike fast up the steep. My time up the peak was no way blazing but the point was to hike most of it since that's what I'll be doing the majority of Hard Rock.

I'm leaving to go to Silverton on Tuesday, July 1st. My family is flying to Utah and will join me on Wednesday, July 9th. Me and Cooper are going to camp at Molas pass in a tent at 11,000ft. I plan to hike a large portion of the course throughout the week to get a sense of snow pack. Of any other race that I'm doing this year - Hard Rock is the one that I will lay it all on the line. I am climbing strong and have been racing well so maybe, just maybe, the stars will be aligned for me this time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 myles - 40:34

Daniels Park loop - noon
80s, clear, no wind
mind/body - pretty good
HR - did not use

I mainly did this run to get the kinks out and give the legs a spin. I'm heading to another desert today (Phoenix) for business so running will be minimal. I felt decent today but my left big toenail has blood under it so it hurts. This is good leading into HR! Last year my feet hurt so bad because I had blisters under my big toenails. This year both big toenails will be dead so hopefully there will be no pain.

This coming weekend I will probably go to Pikes Peak both days and get 10 hours on the peak. I plan to do a run/hike mix to simulate HR. I've never been a fast hiker so hopefully with a little training I can get better at it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Desert RATS - 22.49 2nd place

Desert RATS 2008 in the books! For those who didn't know, I just completed a 148 mile adventure along the Kokopelli trail from Grand Junction to Moab.

You wouldn't think an ex-marine/city cop, mechanical engineer, general surgeon, firefighter, college president, cage fighter, business owner, 7th grade school teacher, professional video game designer, college professor, and a sales rep would all get along in the desert.... Turns out we all got along famously! We all had the same objective: finish this beast of a race and help each other in the process.

Massimo, Brent, Allen, Stephen, Chris, Bryan, Chuck, Dana and myself found that we had all sacrificed the same thing - time away from our family. We enjoyed conversations every night trying to explain to each other why we do this.... no conclusive answer. But we did determine that it was all driven by the insatiable desire to overcome obstacles; what is possible? Like myself there were 3 or 4 others who had never done a stage race and were terrible in the heat, trying to prove they could do it.

In the end 7 of the 11 runners finished within the time limits. Another (Massimo) finished but missed the cut off for the expedition stage. Massimo was a true character! He's an Italian from Milan and he was here to raise money for orphans back home. He has done stage races all over the world to raise money. He is not a runner but a basketball player that truly suffered. Chris Labbe another guy who did not finish stuck around to help Massimo out on the 52 mile stage. Chris stayed with Massimo for over 21 hours to ensure his safety - a true act of kindness! If you click on the slide show to the left you'll see pictures of Massimo in his pink basketball outfit and his bright pink bikini briefs. Apparently Massimo finishes every race in that same kit.

I could go down the list and tell a little bit about every runner and their amazing accomplishments but I won't. Just know that each and every runner in this race has an amazing story about what they've done, where they've been, and what they've overcome. I was truly inspired by their stories every night.

Obviously I got to know Allen Belshaw the best because we ran together every day. He's a phenomenal runner and a very nice guy indeed. He's a general surgeon in Steamboat Springs and his wife is an anesthesiologist - good combo! So one day we were running together and I ate a PB sandwich late in the 52 mile stage. Later I found out that Allen understood what that meant to my body (blood taken away from circulation to digest food=slow down) and decided to put the pedal to the metal... Smart guy because that's how he earned $1000! That day proved to be the difference in our time. But as Allen put it: it was a gentleman's competition every day. If you haven't seen here are the final standings:

1. Allen Belshaw 21.51
2. Scott Jaime 22.49
3. Chuck Walker 32.57
4. Bryan Schlotterback 33.59
5. Stephen Meratla 35.54
6. Brent Weigner 42.41
7. Massimo Camponeschi 42.18 (unofficial)

You can see that there was no one close to Allen and myself. We pushed each other everyday to make those times probably stand up for a long time.

Even though I didn't win the $1000, I did accomplish my goal of getting under 24 hours. And in the process set two new stage records (stage 1 and 6) Reid (the race director) was kind enough to offer up a free entry to me for the race next year. Which is $1000 offer in of itself. Now I'm contemplating going back and beating Allen's time.... too early to tell. Thanks again to my Dad and nephew Conner who crewed me for the entire week. They became part of the staff and enjoyed being in the desert just as much as everyone else. And of course, thank you to my wife for taking the brunt of caring for my two sons - Thank you Nicole!

Next up Hard Rock 100!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Desert RATS stage 5 - 3.23:35

Sitting here at the Holiday Inn Express in Moab - soft bed, warm shower, AC, TV, yada, yada, yada.... all the luxuries of life. Now that I'm acclimated to 100 degree + weather, bathing in the Colorado river, sleeping on rock hard ground, eating camp food, and oh ya running 150 myles in the desert.... luxuries are overrated!

Stage 5 in the books. I won the stage (26.2 myles) in a time of 3.23:35 with 2500 ft of climbing. From the moment I woke up this morning I knew it was gonna be a good day; I was getting nervous and I had no stiffness. The only time I get nervous is when I really think (or strategize) about how I'm going to run.

The stage starts with a 1800 ft climb for 6 myles, not real steep but always going up. Since Allen is such a good climber I decided to put us both above the red line and see who could hold on. I got to the top in 55 minutes with Allen about 5 minutes behind. From this point the trail descends to the Porcupine rim trail 8 myles later. I poured it on! Mile 16 starts an out and back up 700 ft so it gave me a good indication where Allen was, he was now 12 minutes back. Last aid station at mile 20 I was feeling the best I had all day and decided that I wanted to see how fast I could do a 10k after 20 myles - ended up with 42.44 and had opened up a 17 minute gap on Allen. Allen came in around 3.40, which is still a phenomenal time!

In the end Allen wins the race with a time just under 22 hours and I came in 2nd with a time of just under 23 hours. It would have been nice to take home $1000 but my goal was to go under 24 hours - DONE! In that time I set new two stage records (stages 1 and 6). When I get home tomorrow I will reflect on the entire week from the people I met to the amazing terrain. For now though I am safe, I am happy, and I am extremely thankful to all my family and friends who have supported me. In particular I'd like to thank my Dad and nephew Conner who did an amazing job crewing me all week.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Desert RATS stages 2,3,4

Hello friends! It's Friday about noon and I'm sitting at Eddie McStiffs on my day off enjoying my favorite all natural earthy, hoppy beverage. Much needed! Obviously I haven't had any cell coverage because we have been off the beaten path a bit. So without further delay here's the story:

Stage 2 5.25, 101 degrees: 36 myles today. The stage was supposed to be 38 but the place where we were to set up camp was under water so we ended the stage a little short making the next day a little longer. I had predicted a time of 5.55 for the stage to keep me under 24 hours so my time was right in line for that. Allen and I ran together until mile 26 when the heat just slapped me up side the face! We were pushing and we knew it so I opted to stay below the red line and Allen continued on as he saw an opportunity - don't blame him. I was reduced to a run/walk the last 6 myles because of the heat. Lost 19 minutes to Allen today that will be hard to make up because he is so smart and tough. Spent the rest of the day lounging at the Colorado river soaking my dogs because as Aric Manning would say "they were barking!"

Stage 3 1.25, 97 degrees: 11 myles today. The additional mileage was added today from yesterday, didn't mind. Allen and I ran together today (again), no sense in sprinting on this stage for minimal gain. We both used it as a meter to test each others foot speed. I can say this with confidence, I have more foot speed and Allen is better longer - we both concur. Having said that, I have a feeling he's gonna pour it on for the long stage. This stage has a little up and down along the Colorado river so it made it seem a little cooler, and because it was early in the day we avoided the heat of the day. We ended in a gentleman's finish and called it a draw. Even though we didn't want to push the pace it seems easier to go faster with someone of like speed. 24 hours is going down for both of us but how far under 24 hours?

Stage 4 9.46, 101 degrees: 52 myles today. This stage is what it's all about! The most scenic, the most diverse, the most arduous! 10,000ft of elevation gain! This stage starts out in the slick rock canyons and ends high in the La Sal mountain range, some of the most beautiful terrain I have seen in my life.

The plan today was to go out nice and easy, stay together through 28 myles and who ever had something left would hit it. Turns out Allen had it and I didn't. I am climbing very well but Allen is just really, really good climbing late in a race. Allen came in at 8.53, about an hour before me but he said he was running scared all day and had given it everything he had. After the race he told me that he saw me eat a PB sandwich and saw his opportunity. Eating food late in a race slows you down to digest so it takes blood away from circulation and him being a physician, he understands the dynamics. He put the hammer down on the second climb around mile 35 and never looked back. I tried to match his footsteps in the sand, which I did most of the time but he slowly pulled away setting a course stage record by 1 hour 25 minutes - remarkable! My predicted time for this stage was 9.55 so again I stayed within the 24 hour mark. Allen told me last night that he gets very nervous during the early part of every stage because I'm setting the pace and he's hoping it doesn't last. That makes me feel good because my plan was to take it out fast and burn him up a bit, obviously that hasn't happened. Allen is the man!

Right now I'm on pace to hit the mid 23 hour range. I feel pretty good right now but the morning will tell the story. The stage tomorrow will take us along the porcupine rim trail and then drop us down into the famous slick rock trail. There is no chance I will catch Allen but remember in the beginning my goal was to under 24 hours and that's exactly what I'll do! I will give it everything I have tomorrow. I'll post again tomorrow around 3 p.m. to give the final standings. I thank all of you for your support and look forward to chatting with you soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Desert RATS stage 1 - 2.45:57

Stage 1 is in the books! The stage is 19 myles but I decided to put an extra mile in to make it an even 20.... Yep got lost in the last 3 myles.

Temps were hovering in the middle 90s by the time we started at 1:00 p.m. Thank goodness for the warm wind in our faces because it didn't feel that hot. That is until we started running with the wind, it got hot real quick. I felt good enough to push the pace from the get go, in tow was Allen Belshaw who stayed about 3 minutes back all day. Come to find out, he was gonna let me go out and set the pace. I pushed as hard as I could all day trying to lose sight of him. He's a pretty smart runner so towards the end I eased off.

Now back to getting lost: Coming down the last gravel road to Rabbit Valley I followed a yellow flag, which took me up a road for 1/2 mile and then dead ended. I turned around and looked down on the road I was on and saw Allen cruise past. I gave it everything I had to catch him, caught up with him and we came in virtually together. Actually he let me go ahead 10 seconds because of my unfortunate turn. 2.45 turns out to be the course record for stage 1. I hope I didn't over do it and can preform tomorrow. I need to get under 6 hours tomorrow to stay on course to go under 24 hours. Daily results can be found @ We did not use SPOT today but they should be updating the website as I write this. Stay tuned...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Desert RATS

Hot, Hot, HOTTER!

The forecast is not in my favor.... the extent of my heat training has been riding around in my car with no air and the windows rolled up. Initially the forecast was low 90s but updated today says 97-99 degrees all week long. So what should I expect? Should I lower my expectations?

This is the way I see it: I not overly concerned with my final placement. There are 11 runners, a smaller number than anticipated but after going to the prerace meeting there are a couple of good runners that will be able to push the pace. My goal for this race is to break 24 hours. The RD has offered up $1000 to the first runner to break 24 hours so that's what I'm after. In order for that to take place here are my stage splits that I need to hit:

  • Stage 1, 19 myles - 2.55
  • Stage 2, 39 myles - 6.00
  • Stage 3, 9 myles - 1.10
  • Stage 4 and 5, 51 myles - 10.20
  • Stage 6, 26.2 myles - 3.25
  • Total 148 myles - 23.50
Tomorrow we start at 1:00 p.m. in the heat of the day so that should slow everyone down. I hope to get done early every other day (except for 51 mile stage) to avoid the heat. At the prerace meeting tonight the RD told us that the SPOT locaters will not be used for the first day but should be available from stage 2-6. Go to for updates and remember tomorrow it will be updated late in the day. Stages 2-6 will have updates every two hours. I'm not sure if I'll have service for the entire race but my hope is to update this blog every night.

What IS possible? That's what I'm trying to find out in this latest adventure. I will never run a sub 10 second 100 meter or play basketball in the NBA because I'm not genetically programmed for those things. Endurance running, however, I AM programmed for but the questions remain unanswered: What are my limits mentally and physically? What IS possible? I hope to come closer to answering those questions by punishing myself in the sweltering desert. See you all soon.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

6 myles - 43:45

Lone Tree Loop - High noon
85 degrees, clear, dry
mind/body - eager and eager
No HR today

Went out today to get the bad taste outta my mouth from my previous run... it worked! I felt very good today, even in the heat. I somehow think I'm handling the heat better than I used to. It's probably some Jedi mind trick I'm throwing down. But hey, if it works I'll use it for the desert heat.

I'm leaving tomorrow mid morning to drive to Moab for the pre-race meeting (7 pm). My Dad and nephew are going to be crewing me. That'll be nice because they'll be able to carry extra gear for me. Speaking of gear, I've been packing for the last two days and I'm packing almost everything I own it seems like. I don't know what to expect so I might as well pack it and if after the pre-race meeting I don't need it I'll keep it in my car. What I do need I'll give to my dad and let him take it to the aid stations. I'll make one more post tomorrow before the race to clue you into my goals and any other ramblings that's going on in my mind

Thursday, June 12, 2008

8 myles - 56:22

Grigs out/back - 5:00 p.m.
breezy, 70s, partly cloudy
mind/body - sluggish
HR max/avg - 164/149

What should have been a nice and easy relaxing run turned out to be a struggle. Note to self: Too much time off is a bad idea!

I started the run pretty slow and then by mile 6 my body finally adjusted and remembered what I was doing. I felt pretty solid by the end of the run, right where I left off. I guess I don't need two days off in a row or maybe I just had a bad day. In the future for my taper I think I will still run 5 days, just like normal weeks, but reduce the daily mileage to 4-6 myles. Seems to keep things in working order.

A couple more days before I leave for the desert so that leaves me with one more work out on Saturday, probably go 4 myles to keep the blood flowing. I'm getting nervous..... nervous is good!

Monday, June 9, 2008

12 myles - 1.23:13

Waterton Canyon - noon
low 70s, clear, mild wind
mind/body - very relaxed
HR max/avg - 164/152

A very nice relaxed run today, just like I wanted! Waterton canyon is a gravel dirt road with very little elevation gain. This roads starts the 473 mile Colorado trail to Durango and usually crowded every day of the week. The goal for today was to keep my HR below 160 and keep my average close to my peak - I think I came pretty close. One of the most enjoyable runs I've had in a long time!

A lot of my friends competed in the Squaw Peak 50 mile race on Saturday with tough conditions. My friends were tougher than the weather and clocked some very nice times! Congrats to Aric Manning, Christian Johnson, Cory Johnson, Tom/Jamie/Ron Remkes, and Phil Mendoza! One person that I was very interested to hear ran was Allen Belshaw (winner). He is also signed up for Desert RATS next week. I thought that might be impossible but back in 2006 he won Squaw Peak, then turned around the next week and won Desert RATS in record time. Looks like this is shaping up to be one battle to remember!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 2 - 7 2008

  • Mon - 12 myles
  • Tues - 12 myles
  • Wed - 12 myles
  • Thurs - off
  • Fri - 10 myles
  • Sat - 18 myles
  • Sun - off
  • Total - 64 myles

Pic of the week - Pearl Izumi-Smith team shirt

As promised, a picture of the new team shirt. I had a little trouble getting mine as the box was sitting in the local UPS hub with only my name on it, no address! I guess they don't know Scott Jaime - Highlands Ranch, CO 80130...... hopefully they will soon. I'm really nervous about wearing this shirt because I don't wanna let the sponsors down. A little added pressure but with the weeks I've been putting in, I have faith that I'll do the shirt proud. Big time sponsors - Pearl Izumi, Smith Optics, Nathan Hydration, Hammer Nutrition, and Body Glide. The team hasn't officially been launched and probably won't be until January 2009. The idea for the remaining 2008 is to get the word out to attract the best runners for 2009 and beyond. Most likely the team will cap at about 10 runners both male and female. There are currently 4 runners: Paul DeWitt, Josh Brimhall, Lisa Smith-Batchen, and myself. Our team manager is Aric Manning. An ultra runner himself, just finished Squaw Peak 50 mile yesterday in 12.44. Way to go Aric! If you're looking for a team, contact him at

On another note, my training this week has been up and down. Earlier in the week I felt run down and was having trouble getting out the door. By the end of the week I had come back from the dead and put in two stellar runs; a pretty fast 10 miler and 18 yesterday at Pikes Peak. I really didn't want to put in 60+ myles but with the way I was feeling I went with what I thought the body wanted.

I have high hopes for Desert RATS. I've seen the list of runners and there are a couple I'll keep my eye on: Allen Belshaw and Dana Miller. There are also a couple of Italian runners whom I know nothing about so well have to wait and see. The only hiccup I can foresee is the heat. I have not put hardly any heat training in and I'm notorious for bad running in the heat anyways. Having said that, the weather down in Moab has been pretty mild for this time of year (mid 80s) and I can only hope it will stay the same. This year the race organizers are providing a live simulcast via the web so you'll be able to see exactly where we are everyday. Go here and click on the SPOT link. The race starts on Monday, June 16th and will conclude Saturday, June 21st.

Moving into next week, no matter how good I feel I'm only going to run 22 myles. Since the race starts on Monday, I'll run 12 myles tomorrow and then 8 myles on Thursday. Once I get to Moab on Sunday I'll go for a short spin just to get the legs loose.

One thing I haven't talked about in a while is my diet. My diet has been great! I've been keeping my calories close to 2000/day regardless of the workout. I've been staying away from refined sugars and saturated fats altogether. I've also been keeping my bread products to a minimum and have been eating more Powerbar type products. Having said all that, my weight yesterday was 158 and I feel great!

Finally I've gotta show you pictures of my two boys. I can't help it! I'm just so proud of them and will miss them dearly as I'm running in the desert. Remember those teeth I was gonna show you? Can you say saber tooth TIGER???

Saturday, June 7, 2008

18 myles - 2.55:47

Pikes Peak - 6:00 a.m.
clear, high 70s, dry
mind/body - very strong
HR max/avg - 170/147

Two days straight I have felt amazing! I considered yesterday a speed day so I thought I'd take it easy up Pikes today.... Is it possible to take it easy up Pikes? Well I started and tried to take it as easy as possible feeling as good as I did. Rather than go all the way up to the top I went to Barr camp, came down, then went one time up the Incline. The Incline is exposed in the morning sun so I thought I could get some elevation while feeling the 80 degree heat. Here are my splits:

Barr Camp
  • top of the W's - 21:57
  • No name - 36:22
  • Barr camp - 1.11:02
  • down - 50.51
  • Total - 2.01:55
  • top - 30:18
  • down - 23:22
  • Total - 53:40
Not blazing by any means but what I'm most happy about is that I kept my breathing in check going up to Barr camp, not once did I red-line it! In fact, my avg HR going up to Barr was 158. If I'm reading my HR monitor right (still learning), that tells me I could have gone quite a bit faster. With Desert RATS coming up in a week I didn't want to take any chances and just go out to get some time on my feet. I feel ready! I feel strong! ....just don't bring the heat!

Friday, June 6, 2008

10 myles - 1.05:56

Daniels Park - 11:00 a.m.
heatin' up - 70s, clear, dry
mind/body - motivated
HR max/avg - 170/155

It's amazing what ONE day off will do for the mind, soul, body, and spirit! I felt absolutely on target today! My first mile has always been indicative of how my run is going to turn out and today was no different, first/last splits: 6:24/6:03. I was running smooth with relaxed breathing, as you can see with my average HR. Avg mile was 6:35.

I'm still a little concerned about the heat for Desert RATS. I have not been able to put in any solid heat training like I wanted to but I doubt anyone has. It's been in the mid 70s in Moab pretty consistently but rest assured it will be sweltering by the time I get down there. I guess the only way around the heat is to finish earlier in the day.... This year you'll be able to follow on line as the race organizers are going to use SPOT satellite personal tracker for all racers. I'll post the link as soon as they have it up and running.

Good luck to all my buddies who are running Squaw Peak 50 this weekend! I'll be waiting to hear how it went!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

12 myles - 1.23:13

East/West HR loop - 1:00 p.m.
cool wind, mid 60s, cloudy
mind/body - better today
HR max/avg - 176/152

I went out and did my normal loop over at East/West HR and then on the way back stopped at the local high school to put the new watch to the test.

I felt very good out on the trail climbing and cruising very easily. Far cry from how I felt yesterday. Like I said before, we all have down days we just gotta get through them as best we can. I realize I'm tired but I think once my taper starts my body will be a lot stronger during this stage race.

I went to the track for two reasons: 1. to find out the accuracy of my pedometer and 2. to see how high I could get my HR. I got answers to both as I knew I would. I did one mile in 5:35 and my pedometer measured 0.95m. I did one 800m in 2:46 and my pedometer read 0.47m. I slowed down considerably to do another mile and 800m for good measure - same result. Now I just need to calibrate it. As far as the HR monitor goes, I got my HR up to 176 so at least I know it's working but I still think I should be able to get my HR above 180 and still not reach lactate threshold. Maybe I'll go back to the track and push for a 5:15 mile to get it up there or then again maybe not.... always hated track work!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

12 myles - 1.24:15

Daniels Park - 2:00 p.m.
intermittent rain, breezy, 70s
mind/body - lethargic
HR max/avg - 172/152

I can tell I'm starting to wear down because I'm really fighting with myself to get out the door. Once out the door I just wanna get it over with. Usually I'm racing every 4 weeks which allows some time for taper but the gap between races this time was 6 weeks - I just wanna race right now! My first/last splits were: 6:47/6:32 and during those splits my heart rate was below 150. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, anybody know? I'm just a novice with this HR monitor so I don't know where I'm supposed to be. For instance, today I went up Sanctuary hill with max effort and couldn't bring my heart rate above 172 - I'm breathing hard, my legs are heavy, and I know I'm approaching lactate threshold.... maybe my HR monitor needs to be adjusted??

Still no real intense heat training. I've been riding around in my car with the air off and windows rolled up sweatin' right through my dress shirt. I guess the only other thing I can do at this point is go to the sauna and bake for a good hour or so. On the other hand, maybe the weather in Moab will be mild enough I won't have to worry about the heat.

One last thing, I finally received my racing kit and goodies from Pearl Izumi today! Everything looks good! I wanna thank Aric for organizing this deal because without him this thing never would have taken off - Thank you Mr. Manners! I'll post pictures on my week review so you all can get a sneak peak of what the Pearl Izumi-Smith ultra team will be wearing this year.

Monday, June 2, 2008

12 myles - 1.33:28

Combo Lone tree/HR loop - 3:00 p.m.
80s, mild wind, partly cloudy
mind/body - sluggish
HR max/avg - 171/151

I needed to mix it up a bit today to keep it lively. I started out on the Lone Tree loop and did 1.5 laps ( 1 lap in 18:14). I decided that I didn't want to go round and round to get the myles in so I hopped off the trail toward the top and bush whacked my way South towards the HR loop. Douglas county is eventually going to put in a East/West trail that will span about 30 myles from Parker to Chatfield reservoir but has yet to be completed. I took my best guess as to where the trail might be and started along a ridge that had some faint game trails. It turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated because I had to go in and out of a few shallow canyons with thick scrub oak, makes the run more exciting. I finally hooked onto the HR loop trail and came home via the finished portion of the east/west trail. Along the way I apparently kicked some little cactus and eventually the cactus quills made it into my socks. Pretty painful for little sliver, hair like quills..... or then again maybe I'm just a wimp.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 23 - June 1 2008

  • Mon - 14 myles
  • Tues - off
  • Wed - 15 myles
  • Thurs - 12 myles
  • Fri - 10 myles
  • Sat - 28 myles
  • Sun - off
  • Total - 79 myles

Pic of the week - My son Myles

Yep that's right, he's gettin' big! He is a happy, healthy baby with FOUR teeth! He's got two bottom (center), and the two top fangs. I was hoping to expose those teeth for this photo but you can't see them. We tried to open his mouth and take a picture but he's having none of that because they hurt. Some of you new to my blog now know why I spell Myles the way I do....

Three hundred and sixty eight! That's right - 368 myles for the month of May. That's an all time high for me by 80 myles. Some people out there are running 200 +/week but for me when I'm used to running in the mid 200s/month I'd say that's a pretty damn good month. I've had 4 solid weeks of 60+ myles per week during May with only minimal trouble. I had the left Achilles flare up two weeks ago (seems to have disappeared), and I've struggled on some days (running on tired legs), but that's all part of the deal so no complaints. I attribute the high mileage this month to the simple fact that I'm doing a type of race that I've never done before - Desert RATS stage race.

Desert RATS is a 6 day, 148 mile stage race along the Kokopelli trail in the desert. I really don't know how I'm gonna fair because I've always been one to recover slowly. Having said that I have been doing multiple back to back 20+ days (and even one series of 22,20,14) to get my mind around back to back long days for 6 days. The stages in the race are set in the following mileage: 20,39,9,52,26. I know that's only 5 stages but if you finish the 52 mile day early you get the benefit of resting on day 5. Coupled with that fact that I have never done well in the heat this should be an interesting race nonetheless.

Moving forward into next week I will taper more than usual meaning that I'll hit the high 50s and then really back it off the week leading up Desert RATS. The tricky thing here is that 3 weeks after Desert RATS is Hard Rock so I still need to incorporate the hills while backing off. What a mix of races eh??? From desert to snow filled alpine tundra - it will definitely be an adventure