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Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 2 - 7 2008

  • Mon - 12 myles
  • Tues - 12 myles
  • Wed - 12 myles
  • Thurs - off
  • Fri - 10 myles
  • Sat - 18 myles
  • Sun - off
  • Total - 64 myles

Pic of the week - Pearl Izumi-Smith team shirt

As promised, a picture of the new team shirt. I had a little trouble getting mine as the box was sitting in the local UPS hub with only my name on it, no address! I guess they don't know Scott Jaime - Highlands Ranch, CO 80130...... hopefully they will soon. I'm really nervous about wearing this shirt because I don't wanna let the sponsors down. A little added pressure but with the weeks I've been putting in, I have faith that I'll do the shirt proud. Big time sponsors - Pearl Izumi, Smith Optics, Nathan Hydration, Hammer Nutrition, and Body Glide. The team hasn't officially been launched and probably won't be until January 2009. The idea for the remaining 2008 is to get the word out to attract the best runners for 2009 and beyond. Most likely the team will cap at about 10 runners both male and female. There are currently 4 runners: Paul DeWitt, Josh Brimhall, Lisa Smith-Batchen, and myself. Our team manager is Aric Manning. An ultra runner himself, just finished Squaw Peak 50 mile yesterday in 12.44. Way to go Aric! If you're looking for a team, contact him at

On another note, my training this week has been up and down. Earlier in the week I felt run down and was having trouble getting out the door. By the end of the week I had come back from the dead and put in two stellar runs; a pretty fast 10 miler and 18 yesterday at Pikes Peak. I really didn't want to put in 60+ myles but with the way I was feeling I went with what I thought the body wanted.

I have high hopes for Desert RATS. I've seen the list of runners and there are a couple I'll keep my eye on: Allen Belshaw and Dana Miller. There are also a couple of Italian runners whom I know nothing about so well have to wait and see. The only hiccup I can foresee is the heat. I have not put hardly any heat training in and I'm notorious for bad running in the heat anyways. Having said that, the weather down in Moab has been pretty mild for this time of year (mid 80s) and I can only hope it will stay the same. This year the race organizers are providing a live simulcast via the web so you'll be able to see exactly where we are everyday. Go here and click on the SPOT link. The race starts on Monday, June 16th and will conclude Saturday, June 21st.

Moving into next week, no matter how good I feel I'm only going to run 22 myles. Since the race starts on Monday, I'll run 12 myles tomorrow and then 8 myles on Thursday. Once I get to Moab on Sunday I'll go for a short spin just to get the legs loose.

One thing I haven't talked about in a while is my diet. My diet has been great! I've been keeping my calories close to 2000/day regardless of the workout. I've been staying away from refined sugars and saturated fats altogether. I've also been keeping my bread products to a minimum and have been eating more Powerbar type products. Having said all that, my weight yesterday was 158 and I feel great!

Finally I've gotta show you pictures of my two boys. I can't help it! I'm just so proud of them and will miss them dearly as I'm running in the desert. Remember those teeth I was gonna show you? Can you say saber tooth TIGER???

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