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Saturday, June 14, 2008

6 myles - 43:45

Lone Tree Loop - High noon
85 degrees, clear, dry
mind/body - eager and eager
No HR today

Went out today to get the bad taste outta my mouth from my previous run... it worked! I felt very good today, even in the heat. I somehow think I'm handling the heat better than I used to. It's probably some Jedi mind trick I'm throwing down. But hey, if it works I'll use it for the desert heat.

I'm leaving tomorrow mid morning to drive to Moab for the pre-race meeting (7 pm). My Dad and nephew are going to be crewing me. That'll be nice because they'll be able to carry extra gear for me. Speaking of gear, I've been packing for the last two days and I'm packing almost everything I own it seems like. I don't know what to expect so I might as well pack it and if after the pre-race meeting I don't need it I'll keep it in my car. What I do need I'll give to my dad and let him take it to the aid stations. I'll make one more post tomorrow before the race to clue you into my goals and any other ramblings that's going on in my mind
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