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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Desert RATS

Hot, Hot, HOTTER!

The forecast is not in my favor.... the extent of my heat training has been riding around in my car with no air and the windows rolled up. Initially the forecast was low 90s but updated today says 97-99 degrees all week long. So what should I expect? Should I lower my expectations?

This is the way I see it: I not overly concerned with my final placement. There are 11 runners, a smaller number than anticipated but after going to the prerace meeting there are a couple of good runners that will be able to push the pace. My goal for this race is to break 24 hours. The RD has offered up $1000 to the first runner to break 24 hours so that's what I'm after. In order for that to take place here are my stage splits that I need to hit:

  • Stage 1, 19 myles - 2.55
  • Stage 2, 39 myles - 6.00
  • Stage 3, 9 myles - 1.10
  • Stage 4 and 5, 51 myles - 10.20
  • Stage 6, 26.2 myles - 3.25
  • Total 148 myles - 23.50
Tomorrow we start at 1:00 p.m. in the heat of the day so that should slow everyone down. I hope to get done early every other day (except for 51 mile stage) to avoid the heat. At the prerace meeting tonight the RD told us that the SPOT locaters will not be used for the first day but should be available from stage 2-6. Go to for updates and remember tomorrow it will be updated late in the day. Stages 2-6 will have updates every two hours. I'm not sure if I'll have service for the entire race but my hope is to update this blog every night.

What IS possible? That's what I'm trying to find out in this latest adventure. I will never run a sub 10 second 100 meter or play basketball in the NBA because I'm not genetically programmed for those things. Endurance running, however, I AM programmed for but the questions remain unanswered: What are my limits mentally and physically? What IS possible? I hope to come closer to answering those questions by punishing myself in the sweltering desert. See you all soon.
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