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Monday, June 16, 2008

Desert RATS stage 1 - 2.45:57

Stage 1 is in the books! The stage is 19 myles but I decided to put an extra mile in to make it an even 20.... Yep got lost in the last 3 myles.

Temps were hovering in the middle 90s by the time we started at 1:00 p.m. Thank goodness for the warm wind in our faces because it didn't feel that hot. That is until we started running with the wind, it got hot real quick. I felt good enough to push the pace from the get go, in tow was Allen Belshaw who stayed about 3 minutes back all day. Come to find out, he was gonna let me go out and set the pace. I pushed as hard as I could all day trying to lose sight of him. He's a pretty smart runner so towards the end I eased off.

Now back to getting lost: Coming down the last gravel road to Rabbit Valley I followed a yellow flag, which took me up a road for 1/2 mile and then dead ended. I turned around and looked down on the road I was on and saw Allen cruise past. I gave it everything I had to catch him, caught up with him and we came in virtually together. Actually he let me go ahead 10 seconds because of my unfortunate turn. 2.45 turns out to be the course record for stage 1. I hope I didn't over do it and can preform tomorrow. I need to get under 6 hours tomorrow to stay on course to go under 24 hours. Daily results can be found @ We did not use SPOT today but they should be updating the website as I write this. Stay tuned...
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