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Sunday, June 29, 2008

16 myles - 3.49:25

Gray's/Torrey's - 6:30 a.m.
clear, crisp, 40's to start
mind/body - better today
No HR today

Actually Gray's/Torrey's/Gray's. Gray's and Torrey's are two 14ers that are just a mile apart, separated only by a saddle 700ft below. I got to the top of Gray's from I-70 in 1.47 (1.42 and 1.44 the other two times). The difference this time is that my perceived effort was much less than those other two times. Maybe climbing more efficiently now???

Last year I did this route with B Fish and decided to do it again because it teaches me to switch from climbing to descending 6 times - exactly what is needed to for Hard Rock. A total of 6000ft of vertical, combined with yesterday (7800ft) that gives me a total of almost 14,000ft of elevation gain for the weekend.

I think I'm hiking better this year than last and I seem to be climbing better overall. Not much more I can do now besides preview the course over the next week. The work is done! More to come in the week review.
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