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Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 23 - June 1 2008

  • Mon - 14 myles
  • Tues - off
  • Wed - 15 myles
  • Thurs - 12 myles
  • Fri - 10 myles
  • Sat - 28 myles
  • Sun - off
  • Total - 79 myles

Pic of the week - My son Myles

Yep that's right, he's gettin' big! He is a happy, healthy baby with FOUR teeth! He's got two bottom (center), and the two top fangs. I was hoping to expose those teeth for this photo but you can't see them. We tried to open his mouth and take a picture but he's having none of that because they hurt. Some of you new to my blog now know why I spell Myles the way I do....

Three hundred and sixty eight! That's right - 368 myles for the month of May. That's an all time high for me by 80 myles. Some people out there are running 200 +/week but for me when I'm used to running in the mid 200s/month I'd say that's a pretty damn good month. I've had 4 solid weeks of 60+ myles per week during May with only minimal trouble. I had the left Achilles flare up two weeks ago (seems to have disappeared), and I've struggled on some days (running on tired legs), but that's all part of the deal so no complaints. I attribute the high mileage this month to the simple fact that I'm doing a type of race that I've never done before - Desert RATS stage race.

Desert RATS is a 6 day, 148 mile stage race along the Kokopelli trail in the desert. I really don't know how I'm gonna fair because I've always been one to recover slowly. Having said that I have been doing multiple back to back 20+ days (and even one series of 22,20,14) to get my mind around back to back long days for 6 days. The stages in the race are set in the following mileage: 20,39,9,52,26. I know that's only 5 stages but if you finish the 52 mile day early you get the benefit of resting on day 5. Coupled with that fact that I have never done well in the heat this should be an interesting race nonetheless.

Moving forward into next week I will taper more than usual meaning that I'll hit the high 50s and then really back it off the week leading up Desert RATS. The tricky thing here is that 3 weeks after Desert RATS is Hard Rock so I still need to incorporate the hills while backing off. What a mix of races eh??? From desert to snow filled alpine tundra - it will definitely be an adventure

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