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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gettin caught up

As soon as I got home from Desert RATS, I headed to another desert (Phoenix) for a business meeting. Even though we were inside all day I went out on breaks to test the heat - 110 degrees. People from the meeting were running around like vampires being burned by the sun. I, on the other hand, spent all my breaks outside because I was "acclimated"! I guess it takes a good week of baking in the 100 degree heat for it not to bother.

In a nutshell here is how my week has gone running wise:

  • Wednesday 6 myles 50:07 - Phoenix
  • Friday 12 myles 1.26:34 - Daniels Park
  • Saturday 25 myles 5.25:57 - Pikes Peak
All runs were O.K. but I feel a little sluggish... hmmm imagine that?? Although I felt like I had no choice but to jump right back into the swing of things because I need to put my hiking legs on - Hard Rock is less than 2 weeks away! Today on my hike/run I made a very concerted effort to run the flats/downs and hike fast up the steep. My time up the peak was no way blazing but the point was to hike most of it since that's what I'll be doing the majority of Hard Rock.

I'm leaving to go to Silverton on Tuesday, July 1st. My family is flying to Utah and will join me on Wednesday, July 9th. Me and Cooper are going to camp at Molas pass in a tent at 11,000ft. I plan to hike a large portion of the course throughout the week to get a sense of snow pack. Of any other race that I'm doing this year - Hard Rock is the one that I will lay it all on the line. I am climbing strong and have been racing well so maybe, just maybe, the stars will be aligned for me this time.
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