Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Friday, December 31, 2010

11 myles - 1.39:07

Wildcat Ridge - 11 AM
below 10 degrees, 5" snow, socked in
mind/body - peaceful/good
easy effort

Wasn't worried about anything but getting through the snow this morning. HR, pace, effort - didn't matter. For some reason it's always much more peaceful after a snowfall, regardless of the temperatures. I know I was working hard but my HR only maxed out at 160, probably due to all the slipping I was doing on the cold snow.

So for 2010 I logged 3117.37 myles, second most in a calendar year for me. That comes out to just over 8.5 myles a day. But considering I didn't run 114 days, I averaged 12.4 myles/run over 251 days. Last year I logged 3288 (most) only because of the 500 mile trek to Durango in September. Since 2004, when I started running ultras, I've logged 18,367 myles. I have no idea how many myles before that but considering I ran my first marathon at age 11 it's probably near 30,000 for a lifetime, if not a little more. Pale in comparison to some but that's no matter. What matters is that I'm healthy, still be able to run, and enjoy it.
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