Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

13 myles - 1.47:53

Deer Creek - noon
50s, cloudy, windy
mind/body - good/sore heal
steady effort

Today was the true test for the GPS on the Timex Global Trainer. I thought I would download this workout and find straight lines all over the place because of the tree cover. To my amazement, it performed very well. The Global Trainer measured 12.66 myles, which is fairly close to the billed 13.1. I'm impressed. In regards to HR, I know there are HR training manuals out there but I'm not quite ready to dive into those just yet. I did, however, dissect my run with a more critical eye today: avg HR of 158, 57 minutes above 170, 12 minutes above 175, and 4 minutes at 179.

This past week I've been feeling motivated (again) to train. Could it be the power of the beard which has inspired? I'll never be as fast as those other guys with beards but maybe there's a secret power to beards.

Two weeks growth so I guess you can say I'm not your typical Mexican

This guy sported the best one in all of ultrarunning and he was fast. I think he used to store his gels in there.

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