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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas week 2010

Just got back home from a very enjoyable week with the family in Breckenridge.

Probably the best single week of skiing I've had in my life. And there have been quite a few good ones. Nothing tops watching the boys ski! Myles was smiling from ear to ear every time he got on the magic carpet and then bolted straight down, "gain Daddy, faster".

That wore off quickly as he got bored and wanted something bigger....

And up the chair lift we went, just laughing all the way up. Jaxon really impressed me as well. Cautious in the beginning but by Thursday I would look back only to find him screaming right past me.

All day Wednesday and Thursday he wanted the black diamonds. Thursday we put Myles in a lesson so that Nicole, Jaxon, and myself could explore the mountain together.

By 2:30 we had skied from one side of the resort to the other so we went back to watch Myles in his final hour of lesson. By the end of the lesson he had learned the pizza wedge (snow plow) - amazing! He was loving it and pushing his way to the front of the magic carpet line.

But like all 3 year olds, they move on pretty quick so it was off to the pool. Jaxon and I continued to ski while Mom and Myles went to the indoor pool. I also took some great video on my flip video camera so I will put a little montage together and post it.

Now on to the boring part - the running on the treadmill. Although I don't like the TM, I do find it useful in crafting a workout using a heart rate monitor. For instance, on Tuesday I wanted some hills with some leg speed intermixed while pushing my HR to the max. 3 sets of starting at 4% and 7MPH then increasing 1 point on each for 1/2 mile. Each time I made it to 6% and 9MPH while my HR max was 181. A few different various for Wednesday and Thursday but each time the result was 181 HR. I'm not 100% positive but I believe at altitude (10,000ft) it's easier to max out HR. At home (6230ft), I have a tough time getting it past 178 bpm. At any rate, 3 quality workouts with 20 myles and 3k of climbing.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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