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Saturday, January 9, 2010

13 myles 1.27:49

South Platte Pkwy - 10:00 A.M.
40s, clear, some snow on the path
mind/body - ready to go!
Hard effort

Prescribed: 1.30 flat/paved long run, easy effort

Actual: 13 myles - 1.27:49 - avg. 6:45 (middle 10K 37:30 avg. 6:02)

I missed out on a key workout earlier in the week so I incorporated here today. My intention on the 10K effort was not to go all out but more of an effort approaching Lactate Threshold (LT). I started easy @ 6:08 pace and hovered around there until the last mile which was 5:50 - very comfortable at 6:08 but 5:50 is more along the lines of LT.

I am ready to go - thanks to Paul. I'm off to Phoenix tomorrow for a long work week and acclimate.
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