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Monday, January 4, 2010

10 myles - 1.13:02

Daniels Park - 9:00 A.M.
low 20s, North wind, clear
mind/body - groggy/sore throat
easy effort

Prescribed: 1.15 easy effort with strides afterward

Actual: 10 myles - 1.13:02 - avg. 7:18 - easy but harder than it should have been

I barely slept last night with a terrible sore throat. And when I finally did get a few moments of shut eye I was awakened by my wife kicking me.... snoring I guess. I thought the sore throat would pass by now but it seems to get real bad at night - Wassail helps.

So the run this morning was not fun. It seemed a lot colder than 20 degrees and the run just went on forever. I went without my music today as I do in all races. The only time I play music is during my training when I'm all alone and I'm seeing the same old scenery day in and day out. In races I truly enjoy being in the moment and part of that moment is taking in the peacefulness of the wilderness. Somehow I got that feeling this morning on my same old route... very refreshing.
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