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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9 myles - 59:04

Lone Tree Loop - 2:00 P.M.
50s, clear, some mud
mind/body - eager
Hard effort

Got out a little bit later today but I "got out" - that's the key. I was sequestered to my office all day surrounded by paper so this run was liberating. It's funny how a run helps me think clearer... issues I was having before my run were easily solved when I got back. Let that be a lesson - get out and run when ideas and thoughts are jumbled. Solving the world's problems one run at a time.

I went over to the Lone Tree Loop (x2) which has about 300 ft of elevation gain per loop. First loop at a 6:20 pace and then cranked it up for the second loop at a 6:11 pace. I started hitting that red line towards the end of both loops so I know I got something out of it.

Tomorrow Jaxon (10) and I (40) are signed up for the HRCA 5K Turkey Day run. It will be Jaxon's first official race. We did a self timed 5K last year in which he clocked 31 minutes. I asked what he thought he could do this time and his reply "I think I can win it - probably around a 5 minutes per mile" "Well Jaxon that is what it's going to take to win it but maybe we should reconsider the goal to maybe something like 25 minutes?" "You watch Dad!"

I'll have the video camera so we'll all get to watch later tomorrow. If anything we agreed to not stop and walk at all. Needless to say Jaxon is pumped up and so am I, it's gonna be fun!
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