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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

11 myles - 1.18:41

Treadmill - 7:00 A.M.
A little steamy in the garage
mind/body - eager to get it done!
Hard Effort

Prescribed workout: 90 minute Kenyan cut-down on TM

Actual workout: 11 myles - 1.18:41 - avg. 7:09. Started @ 7 MPH, increasing speed 0.1 every lap to finish @ 10MPH. Remaining time @ 9 MPH.

Best I've ever felt doing this tough workout! I figured since I went anaerobic yesterday the lungs would be ready for another. I actually didn't go anaerobic and finally reached 10 MPH w/o jumping off. I would attribute the better legs and lungs to the Barr trail tempo that I've been doing every Thursday. First day of no elevation in a long time so this was a good test to keep the leg speed honest.
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