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Thursday, September 2, 2010

41 myles - 7.13:09

50s to 70s, clear, nice and dry
mind/body - good all day
easy effort

Call it a birthday run. Call it a one year anniversary CT run. It was just simply a great run with great company and great weather.

Somewhere in the Buffalo Creek area

Old familiar marker

Didn't quite start from the same starting point (Indian Creek today) or as early as a year ago but it sure did feel like the same old adventure. Lots of memories for me today. I can't say I was excited to start but by the time Tim and I were in the middle of the first section the juices started to flow.

Our goal was 7 hours, which is a conservative pace to think about but add in 6400 ft of climbing and it becomes a bit more of challenge. I did this run a few years ago in 6.54 but I was killing myself to get under 7 hours. Today was a solid, steady effort. Not once did we red line or hunch over with our hands on our knees. We were running everything we could and power hiking the steeper sections all the way to Wellington Lake road. My wife and son picked us up at Wellington Lake road and drove us back to Denver - thank you my wife!

As far as nutrition is concerned, I tried something new today. I bought some of this stuff and mixed it in with my Powerbar Endurance drink. A total of 1.5 cups of Maltodextrin (141 g CHO) and 6 scoops of Powerbar (102 g CHO) mixed in with 70 ounces of water gave me a total of 243 grams of Carbohydrate. The body can process 60g/hour, so for me today I was well below that with 35g/hr as my solution was bone dry in the end. But remember the body can process "up to" 60g/hr, it doesn't mean it will or that you should try to hit that. The important thing is that my energy was solid and constant throughout the day. I did not eat any gels, only two 6 inch tortillas with Nutella and one Odwalla bar. I was very religious about taking drinks every 15 minutes. I had no belly aches and as I said before, my energy was solid throughout the day. One little caveat just in case you decide to mix maltodextrin in your electrolyte drink: it does not dissolve very well so mix way ahead, maybe even the night before, so you don't get clumps
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